Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A few observations

Often this modern life lacks the simplicity that we romantically associate with generations before. Honestly, I doubt that life has ever been truly simple for anyone – if nothing else, from the beginning of time we have always had our relationships to provide plenty of drama. We can try to simplify life by narrowing our focus to the key decisions and activities that are truly important and have lasting effects on our lives, but rarely can we be truly successful in doing that, and even if we are their importance is enough to create a new complexity of their own. Simply by having to interact with those around us, we relinquish much of the control we have over the simplicity of our existence. The reliance we must have on, as well as the innate trust we must place in others adds enormously to the complexity we face in life. I don’t know how someone else is going to react in any given situation with which I may be involved. Their actions will have a direct effect that I cannot control on how my life will play out. With all the commotion that goes on it becomes difficult to find the simple peace I believe we all yearn for.

Yet, despite everything that contributes to the calamity and chaos in which we exist, sometimes peace and simplicity is right there. All it really takes is a sunny day and good song in your head, the glimpse of a beautiful smile as you pass by, or a round of laughter with your closest friends and for that moment nothing else really matters. I think it’s those moment that we live for. Those types of moments that can separate one day from any other by making us smile down to our soul and remove us, for however brief a moment, from the stress and problems we face on a daily basis. It is those moments that rejuvenate us when we are worn out and jaded by life, and it is those moments that bring us back to the joys of childhood, when everything was new and wonderful, and the only thing we had to worry about was cleaning our rooms and getting sunburned. I think the more we can find moments like that, the brighter our lives will shine.

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