Saturday, April 3, 2010

Source for paper c

This source comes from a piece done by Anderson Cooper for 60 minutes. The topic is genocidal wars in the Republic of Congo. Cooper specifically is Talking about the damage done to women by militants.

Argument: the argument presented is that the women are being abused by the war and soldiers, and that rape is a devastating weapon used by militants against women. The piece is trying to get people to act to help the victims and to help stop the violence as well.

Audience: The audience is a wide group as the report was published on a national reporting program. It is intended to be heard by many different types of people. The type of person most likely watching the 60 minute program is middle aged people who are concerned about the affairs of the world and want to stay informed about what is going on in the world.

How: this piece relies a lot on the emotional power that the stories of these victims brings. The video shows footage of the hospital rooms full of women suffering because of abuse by soldiers. It tells individual stories of how women have been raped and abused and threatened to watch their whole families murdered if the don't comply. Along with the pathos the logos comes from facts presented about the war and the number of victims and their essentially defenseless position. I think that the evidence presented is sufficient for its cause. It gives extensive evidence tot he suffering the war is causing and makes the viewer want to do something about it.

Effective: i believe that it is effective. The emotions evoked by the video and the stories it tells makes the audience want to do something to alleviate the suffering these women are experiencing.