Sunday, October 25, 2009

A couple of fun things

Just a few of the fun things i have been up to this semester:
1) I went to lagoon and rode some roller coasters.Here are Danielle and i in front of a little ride called the samurai. It was way sweet, i was giggling the whole time because it was so exhilarating. She was very scared when we went on the rocket, mostly because of this video.

2) My roommates and i hiked mt. Timpanogas as a way to break into the social pipeline of the new ward. It worked and we are now arguably the most popular guys in the ward. The price: i lost my wallet in the wilderness, which i miraculously recovered 3 weeks later with the help of the forest service.

3) Tailgating. Some of our friends went and parked cars in the alumni parking lot at 3 in the morning the night before a football game so that we could have prime tailgating location. I broke out the mini-q and cooked away firing up some money burgers and so delicious sausages. Also during the game Jared and I got on the jumbotron by holding um the D- Fence sign i made.

4) We discovered Diego's. My roommate's girlfriend's friend's ex boyfriend gave us the tip off to the next best mexican place in provo. It has changed our lives. I ate cow tongue there, which was really quite tasty. Some of the most tender meat you'll ever eat.

5) We got invited to a dinner group. This is the best way for us to practice our domestic home-making skills. We consider ourselves diamonds in the rough when it comes to this and the people in our dinner group some of the luckiest around. We are a huge success.

The boys are back in town!

Well, at least i am back in blogging town, mostly at the request of my dear sweet mother. Stay tuned for updates into my life and adventures.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A total eclipse of the heart

The competition was fierce, even ruthless. The most talented kids pulled from the BYU student body cam together to compete for a spot in the next round of BYU Idol. I was one of those to compete. I got my backup dancers together and we put on a show.

Check it out:

Somehow, no one can fully understand it, i didn't win. Only girls were picked to move on, so i think it was a bit sexist or something. No one else even got anyone to laugh. It was the injustice of the young century.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The beginning of Fabulously Fun February

So with the start of a new month that happens to start with the letter "F" we thought it appropriate to use alliteration to title february "fabulously fun." Seeing that we are men of our word, we decided to make february very fun. We were lucky enough to have a kickoff event already planned for us on monday night: the ward talent show. Clark and I dressed in our styling outfits and gave a heart-rending rendition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart." The crowd went wild, our friend count doubled and we made it to pseudo-celebrity status. I would say a success on so many levels.

Us giving a little pose for some fans after the show.
I've never had to sign so many autographs before in my life.

We decided to follow that up by trying to get some free denny's this morning. We got a group of 6 people together at 5:45 in the morning at cruised down to the local joint, only to find lines wrapping around the building building in the excess of 2 hours waitt. We left and coojed our own breakfast.

Somewhere in there Clark came up with the brilliant idea of going snowmobiling during the afternoon. We loaded up the car and headed up to the mountains for a couple hours of snow-based bliss. There was no one else up there to enjoy the pristine snow and majestic hills.

We even were able to get in some cliff jumping into the deep powder. Unfortunately on one of my jumps i miscalculated the needed distance and ended up bouncing off some rocks. Luckily my friends call me Mr. Resilient for a reason. I survived with only minor scrapes. Watch for yourself. (For best viewing experience, tilt your monitor or your head to the side.)

Free concert in the park (city)

It recently came to our attention that a certain reggae band called Michael Franti and the spearheads would be giving a free concert up in park city to help kick off "winterfest." We cruised up there to listen to the sweet sounds of tropical music in temperatures in the teens. We were surrounded by hippies who reeked of drugs and alchol. A great setting for any concert experience. There was some seriously gnappy hair. The girl next to me kept trying to dance not with me, but on me. It took all of my elsusiveness to escape without injury.

Here is Mr. Franti himself getting the crowd going.
All in all a very fun show, and definately a steal with that free price tag. The only bad part really was the parking. (we had to park on top of a mountain and trudge through a snowfield to get to main street where the concert was held.)

Sunday Dinners

We have begun a new tradition here in apartment 30. We are now cooking decent dinners on Sundays, steering away from the usual frozen burritos or a ham and cheese sandwich. The most recent meal was grilled salmon with an orange-ginger glaze. Turned out pretty good, especially for making the whole recipe up ourselves.

P.s. If you look closely you will notice the hello kitty bandage over my eye. That is covering the borderline serious injury i sustained while unstacking chairs before elders quorum.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Life at its finest

Well, I have decided to actually start keeping this blog. So here it is.

Just got back from a little vacation to the south. We hit up St. George for most of the time and made a little swing by to stroll the streets of Las Vegas, only to realize that it really is the seedy underbelly of America that everybody says it is. However i am pleased to announce that despite its prime location and architecture, McCafes (the upscale las vegas version of McDonald's) do not jack their prices up and offer the full dollar menu. Here are some illustrations of our adventures:

Here we are after a semi-successful day on the links. We actually never made it onto the links, after paying our greens fees and renting clubs, we decided it was too windy, too long, and too expensive to actually go through with. We got out money back and somehow managed to get two free buckets of balls for the range and knocked our little hearts out. After seeing our skill on the range we realized it was probably a good thing that we didn't embarass ourselves in front of the old retired folk on the actual course.

After a long drive full of sing alongs and heart to heart conversation, we made it to las vegas with a couple of girls we picked up along the way. (They weren't actually complete strangers, Clark's aunt had tried to set him up with one of them a few weeks earlier). Anyway, here we are paying our respects to the great Ceaser in his palace. Personally I think we are better looking than the great king.

No trip to Las Vegas would be complete without watching the famous fountains at the Bellagio. If only we could get Claire de Lune to play in the background.

This is us on the way to chuch. We all just piled on the old scooter and cruised down the street. On the way home we decided to try to cruise the institute building to show off our style to the other student aged kids. However on the way, we saw a cop sitting in a parking lot. We immediately flipped a u-turn and tried to get away with the cop hot on our tail. The max speed of 15 miles an hour wasn't enough to escape. We got pulled over and humilliated by this officer. He sent us walking home but luckily no tickets were distributed.

We ended the trip hanging out on some rocks and eating a pic-nic. The weather was unbeatable, capping off a great trip. The only bad part was watching the thermometor fall as we drove back home to provo.