Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The beginning of Fabulously Fun February

So with the start of a new month that happens to start with the letter "F" we thought it appropriate to use alliteration to title february "fabulously fun." Seeing that we are men of our word, we decided to make february very fun. We were lucky enough to have a kickoff event already planned for us on monday night: the ward talent show. Clark and I dressed in our styling outfits and gave a heart-rending rendition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart." The crowd went wild, our friend count doubled and we made it to pseudo-celebrity status. I would say a success on so many levels.

Us giving a little pose for some fans after the show.
I've never had to sign so many autographs before in my life.

We decided to follow that up by trying to get some free denny's this morning. We got a group of 6 people together at 5:45 in the morning at cruised down to the local joint, only to find lines wrapping around the building building in the excess of 2 hours waitt. We left and coojed our own breakfast.

Somewhere in there Clark came up with the brilliant idea of going snowmobiling during the afternoon. We loaded up the car and headed up to the mountains for a couple hours of snow-based bliss. There was no one else up there to enjoy the pristine snow and majestic hills.

We even were able to get in some cliff jumping into the deep powder. Unfortunately on one of my jumps i miscalculated the needed distance and ended up bouncing off some rocks. Luckily my friends call me Mr. Resilient for a reason. I survived with only minor scrapes. Watch for yourself. (For best viewing experience, tilt your monitor or your head to the side.)

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Melissa said...

These are the kind of posts that scare your mother! Actually I am glad to see you having a great time.

Love the blog... Mom