Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Free concert in the park (city)

It recently came to our attention that a certain reggae band called Michael Franti and the spearheads would be giving a free concert up in park city to help kick off "winterfest." We cruised up there to listen to the sweet sounds of tropical music in temperatures in the teens. We were surrounded by hippies who reeked of drugs and alchol. A great setting for any concert experience. There was some seriously gnappy hair. The girl next to me kept trying to dance not with me, but on me. It took all of my elsusiveness to escape without injury.

Here is Mr. Franti himself getting the crowd going.
All in all a very fun show, and definately a steal with that free price tag. The only bad part really was the parking. (we had to park on top of a mountain and trudge through a snowfield to get to main street where the concert was held.)

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