Saturday, February 6, 2010

source for paper a

A source i am using for my persuasive paper about terminal sedation is an article from the New York Times call Months to Live Hard Choice for a Comfortable Death. The article shows examples from actual situations in which terminal sedation was used in the passing of a patient and discusses how the process was for the family of the patient. The article can be found at

The argument of the paper tends to more pro sedation. The article does show both sides of the issue, but it paints the situation in a positive light, showing how it is beneficial to the patient suffering.

The audience for the article is specifically those who would be affected by terminal sedation, as those are the ones most interested in the topic. The broadness of the article allows it to be accessible however to anyone reading the paper and stumbling upon the article.

The argument is presented with emotional appeals as the true life stories of those affected by terminal sedation are shared. These are tender times for the loved ones of the dying, and the article is sensitive to that. There is also logical arguments presented ass doctors are interviewed and discuss the ethical aspects of the situation.

Effectiveness: I believe the article is effective in opening up information about the subject and portraying it in a positive light. The research and interviews are extensive, and the information is presented in an appealing fashion.

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