Saturday, February 20, 2010

Argument: Dave Matthew's described the song itself as a worship of women. The music video puts forth a presentation of art, in a somewhat dream-like manner, reminiscent of the line from the song "in a boys dream." To put it into an enthymeme: The love of women is art because love is a beautiful thing, and anything beautiful is art."

Audience: The audience immediately is anyone has enjoyed the song and wants to enrich their experience with it further. The group with which it will be most powerful is going to be males, because they can relate to the emotions the song expresses and are further shown by the video.

How: The argument is both logically and emotionally demonstrated. Because it is an argument about emotion, that aspect is more heavily prevalent. The logic of the argument is created by showing the beauty of the world in which the band and the dancing women are in. One sees the beauty and sees an artistic aura about them. This creates a logical syllogism that because they are beautiful, and their setting is beautiful, it must art.
The emotion the images evoke is what really solidifies the argument. As we watch these nymph-like women dance in the forest, we feel a pull towards their beauty in a mythical sort of way. The mythical theme continues in the depictions of the band members. They are juxtaposed into nature, and by so being, they appear as artists and creators, and for the sake of the argument, they are artist of love.
Also adding to the emotion is the dream-like qualities of the video. One can't help but feel a desire to be part of this ideal, dreamy world, where the line between reality and art is blurred.
I believe that the argument gives sufficient support in its presentation. The images are powerful and fully evoke emotion from the audience.

Effectiveness: I believe the video is effective in demonstrating the art of love. The audience feels the emotions the band, as artists, want them to as they see the appealing beauty of the scenes of the video. As a side note, i saw DMB in concert over the summer, and when they played this song, they had scenes form the video playing behind them. It greatly added to the performance and made it more memorable.

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