Saturday, January 23, 2010

Commercial Analysis

The following is a commercial for Nokia's new multimedia smart phone

Argument: Buying the new nokia phone will make your life better because owning the new phone will simplify your multimedia lifestyle. It implies that by having simple access to all your multi media needs, your life will be better.

Audience: Young men, probably single, definitely in the 18-30 age range who heavily use multimedia connections.

Goal: To get the target audience to purchase the new phone

How: The logical argument in the commercial is that the phone simplifies your life by gathering all your multimedia tools into one platform. You don't need a tv, music player and computer. All you need is this one phone. This logic is appealing to the target audience who have grown up watching everything around them become more consolidated.
The pathos appeal is the cool and wow factors that the product brings. The target audience puts a lot of pride on having the most cutting edge, newest things and this product will help them to portray that image.

Effectiveness: I think that the commercial is effective in arguing its purpose. As evidence the comments on the youtube site where the commercial was place include many people saying that they want this product. It appeals to the target audience and portrays it in a way that is desirable to them.

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