Friday, January 15, 2010

Advertisement Rhetorical Analysis

The following is an advertisement for sprite:
The argument for the advertisement as an enthymeme would be as follows. Drinking sprite will make your summer better because drinking sprite will refresh you during the hot summer months. It is implied that being refreshed during the hot summer months will make your summer better.
The audience for this advertisement are school aged kids, most likely in middle or high school. The ad highlights the mythical sense that surrounds summer vacation for these children and emphasizes the need to make the most of that time. This age group is also the group that would have the most spending potential of school-aged children as middle and high school kids often spend time in their summers going to the mall, movies, or other hang out places that encourage spending money.
The goal of the advertisement is to get kids to drink more sprite.
the advertisement works with an appeal to pathos for these kids. As mentioned earlier, summer is almost a holy time for school children. They want it to be most fun, enjoyable time of the year as they get a break from school. Sprites highlights that with their reference to how drinking sprite will refresh your summer. The summer months are usually very hot, but the advertisement is very cool, temperature wise. The cool water splashing up around the bottle adds to the refreshing effect of the ad. It brings a hint of logos into the ad, saying that this product is cool and refreshing and you are probably hot and thirsty. Let us satisfy that need to be cooled down.
Is the argument effective? I think so. The bright colors grab attention and the image does bring about a desire to feel refreshed from heat and thirst. I think the appeal about summer would make kids in the target group want to drink sprite during the summer.

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