Thursday, June 17, 2010

Cheers to my little sister!

Today my little sister Megan graduates from childhood! Well, not legally, that won’t happen for about another month when she turns 18, but socially, she will no longer be a little school girl. I am quite proud of all my siblings, they have followed my glowing example very well, especially this sister. A lot of people comment on how she has followed my footsteps in having stunning good-looks, a charismatic smile, and a personality that can light up a room. My mom was also quick to point out that she actually surpassed me in scholastic performance, and gets to wear all sorts of academic bling as she walks for graduation. I am also pleased to announce that she will be joining me this fall in the hallowed foothills of Provo, Utah to further her education at Brigham Young University. I will be sure to take advantage of her meal plan dollars in exchange for rides in the car. Megan, I am very happy for you and proud that you choose to stay in school even though I know how badly you wanted to drop out. You will never regret that decision you made so long ago to stick it out and get your diploma. I know Mom and Dad are proud of you too. We all love you and wish you the best summer followed by an even better freshman year!


Melissa said...

you two are going to have a great time next fall!

Melissa said...

Thanks Gregorio! Glad I could follow in your footsteps and I'm excited to hang out with you next year. I love you! -Megan